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Dr. Rana Abdul Jabbar Khan

Chief Executive Officer

Tel:  051-9222365

Fax: 051-9222364

Email Dr. Rana Abdul Jabbar Khan


      ceo aedb




Jahanzeb Dilazaq

Director (Finance)

Tel:  051-9202089

Fax: 051-9222364

Email Jahanzeb Dilazaq




  jahanzeb dilazaq


Jahangir Kakar

Director (PC)

Tel:  051-9202092

Fax: 051-9222364

Email Jahangir Kakar

           Jahangir Kakar


Sheeraz Anwar Khan

Director (Wind)

Tel:  051-9202082

Fax: 051-9222364

Email Sheeraz Anwar Khan


          Sheeraz Anwar




Syed Aqeel Hussain jafri

Director (Policy/IC)/Secretary

Tel:  051-9222369

Fax: 051-9222364

Email Syed Aqeel Hussain Jafri


          PF 14



Naeem Memon

Director (Solar-PV/Thermal/CDM)

Tel:  051-9202081

Fax: 051-9222364

Email Naeem Memon

          PF 16





Sulman Ishaque Malik

Director (Admin/Bio Energy)

Tel: 051-9222375

Fax: 051-9222364

Email Sulman Ishaque Malik






Atif Shahzad

Director (Solar Thermal/Net Metering)

Tel: 051-9202097


   PF 203



















Nadeem Sabir Virk

Deputy Director (Admin)

Tel:  051-9222374

Fax: 051-9222364

Email Nadeem Sabir Virk



  PF 10           


Khalil Khetran

Deputy Director (Waste to Energy/BE)

Tel:  051-9222371

Fax: 051-9222364

Email Khalil khetran

          NOR 1397



Muhammad Asghar

Deputy Director (HR/Legal)

Tel:  051-9222372

Fax: 051-9222364

Email Muhammad Asghar

          NOR 1376



Zahra Syed

Deputy Director (IC-II)

Tel:  051-9222368

Fax: 051-9222364

Email Zahra Syed





Muhammad Bilal

Deputy Director (South/IT)

Tel:  051-9222359

Fax: 051-9222364

Email Muhammad Bilal


          Muhammad Bilal EMP 22



Shafqain Shah

Assistant Director (Admin)

Tel:  051-9222367

Fax: 051-9222364

Email Shafqain Shah





Muhammad Yaseen Ibupoto

Assistant Director (Solar Thermal)

Tel:  051-9202096

Fax: 051-9222364

Email Muhammad Yaseen

          PF 172



Suresh Kumar

Assistant Director (Wind)

Tel:  051-9222379

Fax: 051-9222364

Email Suresh Kumar


          NOR 1369



Muhammad Asad Saleem

Assistant Director / SO



Email Muhammad Asad

          NOR 1398








In light of Covid-19 outbreak AEDB disinfected its Head Office