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Following Companies applied to AEDB (Alternative Energy Development Board) for certification as certified Vendor/Installer/Service provider against the advertisement published in print media on 15/11/2017.


List of Applicants applied to AEDB for certification


S. No. Company Name
1 SPELL Technology Support Pvt. Limited
2 Solar Tech (Solar technologies) Pvt. Limited
3 Ercon Energy Pvt. Limited
4 Pantera Energy
5 Resolv Pvt LTD
6 KKB Engg and Cons.
7 Adaptive Technologies Pvt. Limited
8 Smart Sense
9 Sky Electric
10 BARG Engineering
11 TSK Engg. Intl. Pvt Ltd
12 SKY Green Engineering System and Project
13 SRE Siddique Renewable Energy
14 Global Business Services
15 AYK Pvt. Ltd
16 Solar Pvt. Ltd
17 Dynamic Green Energy Sol.
18 ATS Engineering S&S
19 BE Green Energy Solution
20 Solar Sigma Limited
21 Trillium Pakistan Pvt. Ltd
22 Javed Electrical Consult. Engg
23 Nizam Energy Pvt. Ltd
24 HMA Pumps Pvt. Ltd
25 Zorays SMC Pvt Ltd.
26 Hardon Solar Pvt. Ltd
27 ZED Solar Limited
28 Jaffer Brother Pvt. Ltd
29 Creative Electronics Pvt. Ltd
30 Tesla Industries Pvt. Ltd
31 Allied Solar Pvt. Ltd
32 KHS Pakistan
33 Premier Energy
34 HISEL Power Pakistan Pvt. Ltd
35 MAK Pumps Pvt. Ltd
36 MSQUARE R Engg. Services
37 Prescon Engg. Pvt. Ltd
38 Dynamic Intl. Pvt. Ltd
39 JD Aviation Sourcing & Engineering Services
40 ZI Solar Pvt. Ltd
41 Renewable Power
42 REON Energy Limited
43 MASCO Energy services
44 Nascom Const. Pvt. Ltd
45 PITCO Private Limited
46 Al-Bario Engg. Pvt. Ltd
47 Renewable Consultants
48 Renewable Stars Pvt. Ltd
49 Solution Engineering Pvt. Ltd
50 Festoon Engg. Works
51 ZEUS Energy Pvt. Ltd
52 Catkin Engineering Sales and Services Pvt. Ltd
53 M-Tech Private Limited
54 Greaves Pakistan Pvt. Limited
55 Four Brother Energy Pvt. Limited


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