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Pakistan is blessed with tremendous wind resource. World Bank and AEDB are implementing Renewable Energy Mapping Project. Based on analysis of satellite data for the period 2000-2010 and existing ground data, initial results indicate good wind regime in the country as shown in graph below;


Detailed set of initial results are available on following web link;

During Phase-2 of the RE Mapping Project which is currently under implementation, ground based wind data will be collected. For this purpose initially 12 sites across the country have been identified for installation of 80 meter high wind masts. Most of the masts have been installed and on-ground raw wind resource data is being collected.

Once two years of solar and wind measurements are obtained, this highly accurate data will be used to produce solar and wind atlases for Pakistan. The World Bank will publish the maps, resource database, and ground-based measurement data online, providing a public resource that can be utilized by government and commercial developers. The data will also be shared with the IRENA Global Atlas for Renewable Energy, which collects and shares data from multiple countries and studies.

In 2007, USAID in collaboration with Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) and AEDB, developed solar and wind atlases of Pakistan. Most of wind projects are located in Gharo-Keti Bandur Wind Corridor within an area of roughly 60 Km x 170 Km.

After completion of World Bank funded Renewable Energy Mapping Project, high resolution (5 Km x5 Km) wind and solar atlases will be available and will not only help in long term planning and development of renewable energy projects but also help in attracting further investment in the country.

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