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 UNIDO handing over the reports Policy review and recommendations on the promotion of renewable energy and engery efficiency in industries in Pakistan  to AEDB after successful completion.

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The honorable Minister Incharge for Power, Power Division, Ministry of Energy, Sardar Awais Ahmed Khan Leghari chaired a meeting in AEDB with the provisionally certified installers of AEDB for net metering installations. The meeting was attended by the representatives of the companies, Power Division, AEDB and PEPCO. This was the first official interaction of the provisionally certified companies with the Minister Incharge in which, the Minister Incharge briefed the representatives of the companies about plans, programs, ambitions, strategies and future prospects of promoting net metering in the country. The Minister Incharge urged the companies to develop their ambitious plans, marketing strategies, run their campaigns, and grab the business out of the opportunity created for them by the federal government. The participating companies appreciated efforts of the government in promoting net metering and showed full support in realizing program and targets set forth by the government for net metering promotion. The Minister Incharge hoped that with active participation, coordination and collaboration of public and private sector institutions soon the benefits of the net metering will be reaped and Pakistan will see a promising net metering applications in days to come. 

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 In pursuant to the AEDB (Certification) Regulations, 2017 AEDB has initiated certification of vendors/installers/service providers for net metering installations for the benefit of the consumers.

Thirty One (31) vendors/installers/service providers have been certified (provisionally) till now after due process. The list of vendors/installers/service providers will be updated from time to time with addition of new companies that fulfill the stipulated criteria.

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List of Approved (provisionally) vendors / installers / service providers for Net Metering under AEDB (Certification) Regulation, 2017