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AEDB & UNIDO jointly  promoting Renewable Energy in Industrial Sector of Pakistan

 The Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB), being the focal agency on Alternate and Renewable Energy ( ARE ) technologies, has been striving for utilizing the available indigenous ARE resources in the country. Apart from the large-scale grid-connected ARE projects, efforts are also being made for harnessing the benefits of ARE technologies in other segments of the economy including domestic, commercial, agriculture and industrial sectors.

  In order to promote the adoption and utilization of ARE technologies in the industrial sector of Pakistan, an analysis of the required set of policy framework was needed which can help industries achieve sustainability while lowering their dependence on fossils fuels for their energy requirements.

 UNIDO has jointly worked with AEDB in promoting market-based adoption of ARE technologies in industries of Pakistan by carrying out the much-needed analysis under the banner of its GEF funded project titled as “Sustainable Energy Initiative for Industries in Pakistan” for devising the required policy and regulatory framework for promoting ARE applications in industries in Pakistan. On the top of it , UNIDO in collaboration with AEDB , has been providing technical assistance along with supportive investments grants for RE projects in the industrial sector . in order to promote the RE investments and to demonstrate the technical and commercial viability of the Renewable Energy technologies and its application in the industrial sector.

  In addition to that, UNIDO with active support by AEDB, under its GEF funded project "Promoting Sustainable Energy Production and Use from Biomass in Pakistan " has developed three policy documents which includes the policy recommendations on biomass energy technologies , minimum quality standards for biomass gasification technologies and biomass management & pricing for power generation. These documents forms the bases of tariff determination of biomass power plants . AEDB and UNIDO are now jointly working to formally register the minimum quality standards for biomass energy technologies with PSQCA as National Voluntarily Standards. The 1st technical committee review meeting of these standards has been chaired by Mr. Amjad Ali Awan , CEO AEDB . These standards will not only help to benchmark the performance of biomass power plants in Pakistan but will be building confidence of the investors to invest in new ARE technologies like Biomass Gasification Systems(BGT) to be used for combined head and power generation. Moreover , in order to promote the Biomass Gasification Technology, joint efforts are being made to install a small demonstration project with high replication potential in one of the SMEs by providing them technical and financial assistance. Not only this, but a study on supply chain of available biomass residues will also be conducted in joint collaboration of AEDB , UNIDO and NUST in near future . The aim of this study will be to perform a gap analysis of the agriculture residues i.e. rice husk , corn cob , rice stalk ,wheat stalk available in key areas and to provide interventions to develop and strengthen the existing value chains.

   Keeping the thread there is a Waste to Energy project in inception phase being developed by UNIDO in collaboration with AEDB. In a nutshell , UNIDO continues to work with AEDB on various fronts specifically focusing on creating an enabling environment to promote ARE technologies in the Industrial sector of Pakistan hence contributing towards Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development , fostering green growth and Climate Change mitigation.